Did You Know: About 1 in 4 TextChats result in a financial transaction - compare that to live web chat where from 1 in 10 to 1 in 20 live web chats result in a financial transaction.

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Contact Us to Schedule a Full Demo

We designed the platform to easily manage your text chats with customers whether the agent is 18 or 80 years old. Bring your dealership into the 21st century with technology todays customer are choosing as their main method of communication, TEXT MESSAGING. The integration is seamless and generates “LEADS” not tire kickers.  Click Image To Enlarge

Communicate with your Leads via 2 Way SMS and MMS messaging with text, images, and/or video. Use images to upsell service projects. Use video to attract prospects to a specific car – their car.  Customers can send agents multi media picture and video messages, this is great for service centers where customers can send pics and vids of their cars issues for an “Opinion”
Save yourself $1000s/mo. in Rep Mgmt. fees. 5 Star reviews plays a key role in the decisions of car buyers today. A prospect can find the exact car that he/she wants and even take a test drive; but then go elsewhere to buy the vehicle just because of a bad review. That is why it is so important to build your reputation online. This system makes it easy and convenient to do.
Upload a CSV of all your car stock within seconds the system will give you back a CSV of inventory keywords and images that you can use on your online or offline advertising.  Turn Autotrader, Cars.com, Ebay, Craigslist & Youtube into mega lead generation machines for your dealership
Have a vanity 800 number?  Have a landline phone number customers know by heart.  Convert all advertising & media from “Call Us 1-800-555-3333” to “Call or Text Us 1-800-555-3333”.  Any incoming text message becomes a lead generating live chat machine.  Welcome your customers with technology they rather use and love.
Your sales people/agents can still use their own phone to text with their potential customers. However, the dealership maintains the relationship with the lead. Leads do not walk away with the sales person. Each sales person has their own dashboard of leads to work. Mobile prospects are lower in the sales funnel – they are decision makers. You want to safeguard them for the dealership.  The chat agents phone number is never disclosed to the customer.
People early in the car buying process are more likely to want to keep their communications at arms length. They are not ready to disclose their phone number. Yet they have questions. As a dealer you want to nurture them and develop that relationship so that their choice will be your dealership.

Keyword Campaigns, Built in Staff Notifier, iBeacon & Geo-Conquesting Mobile Advertising

Customers can chat direct to agents via our Keyword2Chat feature; on initial customer text in, personal messages can be delivered with any kind of MMS.  This is great for agents who advertise for their own leads and specialty specific chats to qualified agents.  We build upon good recommendations of our clients. Our staff notifier is just that. A dealer wanted a way to communicate with their teams (Sales or Service). Because about 98% of text messages are read within 5 minutes, SMS is the ideal system. It will make sure your entire staff is kept abreast of meeting changes; or just remind them to be there – or else!  Our services reach beyond just text messaging too.   Our clients also have access to affordable onsite iBeacons and Geo-Conquesting Mobile Ads, both generate leads for less out of pocket than other mediums that don’t yield the results you need.  Ask us about all our services.